ARCADES: Sega revamps Sonic Basketball

Sega’s Sonic Basketball now comes with brand new Reactive lighting effects, designed to make scoring even more gratifying.

The game will be at next week’s Euro Attraction Show (EAS) in Berlin (26th to 28th September) on Sega’s Booth 21-206.

Explaining the philosophy behind the change, Justin Burke, general manager at Sega, said: “Five years ago Sonic-branded basketball brought a whole new lease of life to this game category, where the typical look was quite dated and very similar across all manufacturers. Our fresh blue and white Sonic All-stars version changed all that, and with our iconic mascot Sonic The Hedgehog at the heart of the design, the income was noticeably higher than standard units. So now we felt it was time to give this Sonic Basketball a major boost to keep it at the top of the league of basketball games”.

Vince Moreno, US Sales Manager added: “The brand new dazzling lights takes the look of Sonic Basketball to a whole new level. As well as attracting player’s attention with bright blue LED lighting, the game also produces a quick pulse like effect when player scores. This flashing lighting effect combined with cheering audio delivers a satisfying feeling every time the player scores, which encourages repeat play. Players will also love the moving hoop with rushing music that makes the game both fun and challenging. This game is best enjoyed with friends or family so we’ve  designed it to link up to 15 cabinets.”

In addition to the Sonic Basketball, Sega’s Sonic Branded games includes Sonic Air Hockey, Sonic Baby Air Hockey – designed to be narrow and shorter just for kids, Sonic Dash Extreme – a video redemption game; as well as a mechanical redemption game Sonic Blast Ball. 

The brand new Sonic Basketball is the same size as before, making it ideal for locations big and small. Cabinet measures 249cm (98”) Deep by 104cm (41”) Wide and 264cm (104”) Tall. The game ships in a compact crate that measures 115cm (45”) Deep by 113cm (45”) Wide and 252cm (99”) Tall.

For US customers the game is now available with an optional Dollar Bill Acceptor.

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