Sega creates Daytona tutorials

Sega has created tutorial ‘how to’ videos for operators on customising Daytona Championship USA  to suit their location.

Justin Burke, general manager at Sega, explained: “Daytona is packed with features for operators and players so we thought it would be great to have some quick tutorial videos explaining these great features.”

Operators can learn about the “Sega Set Up” – a gameplay configuration that gives best all-round experience for most locations. It is also the default settings when the game is shipped.

“Set Up for Kids” tailors the game for kids by streamlining the menus and making the whole game selection easier for kids.

Vince Moreno from Sega USA commented: “We find that some kids don’t use the drive paddle either because the seat is too far or they don’t understand that the need to use the paddle. So we recommend using the “auto drive” for kids – this fantastic feature automatically gets the car moving in a race without the need to touch the paddles. Of course, if the player uses the paddle the auto drive intelligently cuts out allowing the player to take full control”.

Other settings in this operator video allow for pro-gamers players, adjusting menu times, default automatic gear shift and so much more. “Just as you think you know everything there is to know about this game you find out even more great features that operators will love,” added Burke.

Another operator favourite feature of Daytona is the new Tournament mode which can be used to set up and promote tournaments to attract new players to a venue. The tutorial video covers some of the more advanced settings that will help operators make the most of their tournament event.

Sega has also launched the Daytona Championship USA product video for the wider audience which is an showreel designed to highlight all the main features of the game and also the new Championship Mode.

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