ARCADE: Sega celebrates Sonic birthday with hockey launch

Sega is celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s 26th with the launch of Sonic Baby Air Hockey and a re-cap of its current Sonic arcade range.

Justin Burke, general manager at Sega said: “Our Sonic-branded games have been growing steadily while demand has also continued to rise. We now ship more Sonic-branded games than ever, before due to great value, quality and income potential of these games. The current TV series and a multitude of consumer games on various platforms are helping players engage with this great license through various touch points. By launching Sonic Baby Air Hockey, we wanted to extend that experience to kids too.”

The Sonic Baby Air Hockey table has official branding,  narrow playfield and lowered height so that kids can play it; LED scoring and timer in the playfield and fun Sonic themed sounds.  The optional ticket vend unit allows operators to make Sonic Baby Air Hockey a classic ticket redemption as well.

Another popular Sonic-branded game is Sonic Dash Extreme. The video redemption game that sees players control Sonic or his friends to dash along the track and collect as many rings as possible then challenge the evil Dr. Eggman to win the ticket bonus. Sonic Dash Extreme features a 55″ high definition vertical screen, accented with two large colour changing “Sonic Rings” on the left, and right. The player control is a novelty oversized controller that players will instantly recognise from the classic home console games.

In the mechanical redemption category Sonic Blast Ball features a  cabinet with a vertical playfield, where players are mesmerised by a ball whizzing around the four sides. By use of a single large lit button players open gates at the top of the playfield allowing the ball to drop into play, the goal being to open the gates just at the right time, so the ball drops through a bonus ring that oscillates left to right in front of them.  

Sega’s famous Sonic All-stars 4 player Air Hockey and Basketball redemption games have been recently revitalised with the latest imagery from the Sonic design team in Japan. The updated livery delivers a more colourful and dynamic appearance.

“Operators all over the world have been boosting their revenues by grouping the various Sonic-branded games to create a unique themed area. With the launch of Sonic Baby Air Hockey, operators now have yet another great game to add to their collection,” concluded Burke.

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