Apple Industries promises more

Apple Industries CEO Allen Weisberg is promising to continue its current momentum and deliver the photo booth specialist’s biggest year to date, after a strong 2016.

“This year will be a tough act to follow,” said Weisberg.  “From bars and restaurants to theme parks, movie theatres, malls, sports stadiums, and more, Face Place Photo Booths have established themselves as entertainment and merchandising kiosks that appeal to every demographic in every location.  I can’t thank our incredible team here at Apple enough for their nonstop passion and their great work.  And, I thank our wonderful operators and distributors for joining the Apple Revolution. Look for 2017 to be our most exciting year yet.”

Last year the firm chalked up five industry awards including the IAAPA“Brass Ring Award for  Photo Studio Deluxe as Best New Product in the amusements category.

It also rolled out a series of technology upgrades in 2016 including the Smile 2.0 Network, free operator support for all Internet-linked, touchscreen-driven Face Place Photo Booths plus Inside/Outside Attract Screens, where a growing number of Face Place models are enhanced with a large LCD monitor outside the booth to promote video content and upsells inside the booth and also increased social media connectivity, enabling customers to share their Face Place photos with friends via Instagram, Twitter, email and Facebook.

“Our core value as a company has always been that we believe in and support the operator,” said Apple chief operating officer, Scott Avery.  “We are betting big on operators by investing major resources into ongoing technology development, in our ever-expanding library of popular licensed content, and in our innovative promotional campaigns.

“All of these investments are paying off for our customers in the cash box.  The average Face Place vend price is rising 40-60% even in the conservative Midwest.  Best of all, operators nationwide see their Face Place Photo Booths hold and even increase their revenues every year.

“In 2017,” said Avery, “operators will see Apple mount a major campaign to get all Face Place units integrated into our new Smile 2.0 Network, which is a free value for operators.  Also in 2017, operators will see even more new content debuts.  To start with, look for characters and art themes tied to upcoming Warner Bros. films like the new Lego Movie beginning in January and the much-anticipated launch of the Wonder Woman franchise premiering this summer.”

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