Angry Birds Stomper puts a modern twist on arcade classic

The Harry Levy Group is set to launch another redemption title at this year’s EAG, featuring the hugely popular Angry Birds video-game franchise..

Angry Birds uses a classic stomper format combined with recognisable characters from what is considered one of the most successful mobile video-games ever released. As the green pigs light up on the forward-facing section, players follow the sequence with their feet to rack up more and more points.

The new cabinet brings a physical element to the world-famous Angry Birds franchise, which has spawned video games, merchandise, a television series and even two feature-length movies.

With the original mobile game reaching billions of people across the globe, this Angry Birds cabinet from Harry Levy is sure to draw crowds. Featuring colourful characters and a clear digital scoreboard, this stomping game puts a modern twist on an arcade classic as the Angry Bird franchise celebrates ten years of ongoing success.


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