Amusement Logic launches Emojidex Splash Pad

New outdoor play product, the Emojidex Splash Pad, aims to provide a fun and visually attractive way for children to learn to express themselves creatively, to increase their self-esteem and to arouse their curiosity.

Both children and adults are now widely familiar with emojis and their use, Amusement Logic explains, and social media and new mobile apps are full of examples of how ideas and feelings are communicated through emojis.

The use of symbols to represent ideas, guidelines or emotions is not a new phenomenon, but an evolved form of non-verbal communication. For children in particular, understanding the value of using emojis is a valuable way to learn to communicate via symbols. 

The Emojidex Splash Pad also personifies them, gives them volume and creates play spaces with different themes. 

“During childhood, kids are like explorers, trying to understand what they are, what they are for and how things work around them. As they grow up they begin to explore more social games, discover their environment and share their adventures with friends. So these places are suitable for children of all ages. For example, we include games for the youngest, neither too easy nor too difficult.

“From the age of 8, kids feel older and think that many games are for young children: for them we include ramps, tunnels and small climbing areas. The older children know how to take turns to go down the slides included in the Splash Pad.”

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