Amega launching rally sim at Asian show

Turkish simulator specialist Amega is launching its new World Rally Simulator at IAAPA’s Asian Attractions Expo in Singapore in June.

The multi-player ride features three HD screens, high quality sounds system, configurable seats, daily online reporting with counter software and is available in any colour.

It offers both single and multi-player choices, and features software developed by Amega so it can be started with a single card support without the need of an operator.


2DOF motion dynamic platform

Feedback controlled servo motored special steering wheel designed by Amega

Configurable Sparco seats

Seatbelts with 4 locks

Full HD 3 separate screens having 5760 x 1080p high definition

High quality sound system 2+1

Under seat subwoofer technology increasing the sound quality and giving the vibration feeling.

Remote access and intervention substructure

Daily online reporting with special counter software

Optional multi player function

Emergency stop in emergency cases

Secure shut down function for the computers connected to the system by UPS support.

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