Alexandra Gardens, UK implements Semnox arcade system

Alexandra Gardens, an arcade with 150+ game machines in Weymouth, UK, has recently implemented the Parafait cashless arcade system at its facility.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted industries globally, with the entertainment industry being no exception. Entertainment facilities now have to adhere to several guidelines, both from local administrations and international organisations to ensure the safety of their visitors and staff. As a result, the need for implementing cashless and contactless solutions has increased.

The games machines at Alexandra Gardens work on a dual-mode—customers can play using coins as well as contactless Semnox Game cards. And so, all arcade machines are configured to support both cashless cards & coins. Ticket eater machines can either give out receipts or load the value onto the customers Game Card based on tickets inserted into them by the customer.

The Parafait Gift Inventory and Redemption module is also being used by the customers here. The demand for self-service in the market has driven Alexandra Gardens to install 4 Parafait Klassic Self-Service Kiosks for arcades, with integrated card payment terminals. Customers now use these kiosks to buy new cards, top-up existing ones, register themselves, check balance, etc. all on their own.

“We decided to go cashless at one of our popular locations during the lockdown. We are very happy to be associated with Semnox. Things were not easy given the situation, and yet their team was able to deliver the project on time! Ours is not the easiest setup as we wanted to allow customers to use both coins and cashless cards, with the ability to switch between paper and electronic tickets. I am very happy that we were able to achieve what we intended with excellent support from Semnox,” says Charles Holland, owner of Alexandra Gardens.

“Alexandra Gardens was assumed to be a challenging project for us, mainly because we could not travel for implementation and training. It eventually turned out to be the smoothest implementation, thanks to the amazing technical team from Alexandra Gardens. Hearty congratulations to Charles Holland and team on the successful re-opening with the Semnox cashless system! We look forward to working with Alexandra Gardens on future projects to help them achieve greater levels of success,” says Vinayaka Kamath, business head – Middle East and Europe, Semnox.

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