AGS creates tree-lined mini-golf attraction for Texas course

Georgetown, Texas is characterized by its long, hot summers and cooler, mild winters. Average summer temperatures typically reach 100°F (38ºC) for several days during July and August. Cen-Tex Mini Golf sits on 2.5 acres and offers mini golfers a course filled with native oak trees providing plenty of shade in the summer, along with water features and obstacles that are challenging, but encourage players to return and play again.

Co-owners Audrey and Ted Anderson chose AGS’s Modular Advantage system because it allowed the landscaped mini golf course to be built up right up next to the trees on the property. “We didn’t have to dig in the ground and cut into tree roots,” says Audrey. “So we were able to tuck this course under the trees. We only have two holes in the sun. Everything else is shaded. And shaded is something we can sell.

“It’s so much easier to be able to work with whatever Mother Nature gives you, and then let Adventure Golf do their work. This is all they do. This is their specialty. They can make things work and happen with the natural topography, rather than digging holes and trying to force something.”

Audrey says the Modular Advantage system from AGS is much more economical than traditional concrete courses. “You have no initial expense of having to excavate or doing extensive prep work. And it doesn’t take nearly as much time for installation and completion.”

The Modular Advantage mini golf system uses flexible, patented interlocking panels pre-cut to fit a client-approved design. The system also offers “green” benefits, since the panels are made of recycled materials and are permeable for water drainage. In addition, a Modular Advantage course can be installed where ground remediation may be too expensive. The versatile system can also be moved, but once in place, it is solid.

AGS designed the Cen-Tex course with water features that blend into the landscape and the entire course is ADA accessible. The course also features resort-style lighting where tree canopies are illuminated and pathway lights make evening play a completely different experience.

The Cen-Tex course starts out featuring a large pond holding approximately 5,000 gallons (18,927 liters). “It looks like it belongs in central Texas,” says Audrey. “(Adventure Golf) included some big rocks, streamed water under a bridge they built, and it flows over to a small waterfall. It looks like a natural stream and the stream interacts directly with several of the holes.”

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