A Dreamworks Makeover for a classic machine

From the Troll dolls known the world over to the smash 2016 animated musical, Trolls have proved popular for decades. And now, operators can bring the magic of the movie to their arcade with a new DreamWorks licensed machine!

The very popular Tower of Tickets Re-Load has a brand-new look with this DreamWorks Trolls version — sporting bold graphics, bright colors and instantly recognizable characters that will appeal to players of all ages.

This classic four-player redemption game is based on skill, with players having to release an arm at the right time to knock pucks from the rotating field. Now, with the new Troll look, players must aim to knock down pucks with fun Troll hair tufts to win big tickets. And, with the pucks registered by an RFID scoring platform before being returned to the playing field, the machine allows for 100% continued play — and 100% continued fun!

What’s more, this top-earning game is designed with added flexibility in game room placement, allowing operators to power it from either a floor outlet below or a ceiling power drop from above.

With a Trolls sequel set to be released next year, and an Academy Award nomination under its belt, DreamWorks Trolls are only going to gain in popularity, and with this new licence operators can bring the magic of the Troll world to their machines.

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