AMATIC INDUSTRIES’ future-proofed solutions “just what EAG is looking for”

AMATIC Industries’ long-standing exclusive partner for the UK and Ireland Genesis Games was out in force at EAG this year to support operators in their push towards MULTI GAME.

As masters of MULTI GAME, AMATIC Industries provide exciting solutions for both the B3 arcade segment and the Cat C pub market. In particular, the PERFORMER is making great impact as AMATIC has much experience already gathered on the global gaming and amusement market which Genesis Games is passing on to their customers.

“AMATIC Industries has a unique style and feel to its AWPs / gaming machines that appeal to many players in the UK and Ireland”, explained Steve Bierrum, Director of Genesis Games. “The fact that AMATIC has already integrated ticket-in, ticket-out into their product portfolio is a massive benefit for us. TITO is quickly growing in importance for the B3 segment”.

Both the AMATIC Performer and X3000 series cabinets are available from Genesis Games. “Our partnership with Genesis Games is a great example of how we approach our business”, explained Thomas Engstberger, Sales Manager at AMATIC Industries. “Firstly our business partnership goes a long time, based on trust and mutual respect. The team at Genesis Games knows that we have the capacity to create games that players in Britain and Ireland are looking for. As a future-oriented company, we are quickly capable of channeling market feedback and research into our product solutions. With over twenty years of experience in MULTI GAME, our partners and customers know that we are here for the long-term and continuously invest in innovation”.

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