Fresno welcomes new VR arcade

NexGen Virtual Reality has opened the doors of a new VR arcade and lounge, located in Panama City Beach, Florida. Players will be able to customize their virtual experience and choose from over 60 titles, where they can fight zombies, disco dance, or play sports.

The arcade utilises 360-degree virtual reality headsets, and players will have enough room to run and jump, and even compete against one another in a multi-player lounge. There are 20 co-operative games on offer, including mini putt-putt, laser tag, and paint ball.

“When you’re standing here, you don’t see a whole lot in the arcade, but once you put on our headset, you see the arcade is all the way around you,” says owner Richard Stephens. “You’re actually in the virtual world. You’re in there, it’s above you, below you, all the way around you. And our units actually track you up to one millimetre, wherever you’re at, as fast as you’re moving.”

Many customers are choosing to visit VR arcades rather than buy pricey gaming equipment for personal use.

The NexGen Virtual Reality Arcade is open 11:00 to 00:00 to players over the age of 12.

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